RIVERA-DUTTON | Sculpture Studio

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Rivera-Dutton Sculpture Studio is an artistic partnership between Jesse Rivera and Dan Dutton. We create sculpture for public and private sites, and shape the environments that the sculptures are sited in. We design new work on commission, and as an ongoing part of our studio practice.

Our first step is to gain some understanding of the space that the sculpture will have a presence in. If possible, we make a site visit to experience how the space is utilized, its dimension, the scale of features in the space, and the desires of the client and what they imagine the function of a sculpture might be. Sometimes the history of a place, a community or a landscape will contribute to the generation of an idea or image.

rabbit bronze dan garden COX4349 1200Dan on site in a client's garden.

Back in our studios, we begin discussion and experimentation on the new work. Sketches, schematics, and small scale models are often created to help us understand the sculpture, how to execute the work, what the production schedule and costs might be. When we have an idea in a form that is presentable, we meet with the client to show them our vision, discuss the budget for the project, and describe how it can become a reality.

library bremen watercolor IMG 6292 480A watercolor painting to convey the project concept.

The production of the sculpture, depending on the type of design, often starts with locating the raw materials and transforming them into the basic parts of the sculpture. If the piece is steel, we may start with applying the design to varying thicknesses of sheet steel that Jesse will cut freehand with a plasma torch. These individual parts will be further shaped with grinding and polishing, then welded or bolted together. Various surface treatments, from patinas that accelerate the rusting process to weather resistant tractor enamels, may be applied.

library bremen paper scale 900

The hand of the artists bring a sculpture to life out of ideas and raw materials.

The delivery and installation of the sculpture may involve special packing and transportation, various kinds of site preparation, labor and skill. We arrange all of these aspects to work with the site and the client's needs.

Cat installing IMG 0119 1200Jesse on site installing the Blue Cat.

The sculpture is complete when the client is satisfied. Our work is made to last, and to provide a lifetime of interest and pleasure.

library bremen dedication 480Kids and Friends of the Library at the unveiling ceremony of the Bremen Town Musicians sculpture.